I’m having a hard time coming up with what cheeses me more than having my high cut short, which I’m sure is partially-but not entirely-because as I’m writing this, I just had a very nice high killed.

I feel ripped off when my high ends early…like I wasted weed and smoked for nothing.

There are certain situations where I don’t even bother to smoke because I know my high will be spoiled. For example, I would smoke at my current job every shift if it weren’t for the fact that even if I smoke right before I start no more than 15 minutes into my shift I’ve sobered up.

A marijuana high is on average supposed to last 1-4 hours. The actual length of an individual’s high of course, usually depends on the following variables:

  • Method of intake
  • Smoker’s tolerance
  • Quality of the weed
  • Amount smoked

I’m pretty consistent with my smoking habits, I smoke on average 5 days a week (unless I don’t have any weed, which these days I usually do), haven’t smoked mids or anything less than loud since 2012, and until very recently, 1 joint was enough to get me ripped.

In spite of all this, no matter how baked I am clocking into work I sober up rapidly.

So what’s the other variable that prevents me from staying high at work? What actually causes a high to dissipate before it’s normally supposed to? What triggers the buzzkill? Do our cannabinoid receptors just close themselves when our vibe is killed?

Some other factors that could contribute to sobering up prematurely are:

  • Environment
  • Mood before smoking
  • Seeing or receiving shocking news/events (positive or negative)

Regardless of whether I’m high or not my mood sours abruptly as soon as I clock in.

I’m still trying to find reliable (scientific) information as to why this happens but I noticed a very clear connection between my mood and my high suffering a premature death: rage.

Maybe rage is a strong word. I’ll try again.


So the current solution is for me not to smoke at work where I know I’ll be frustrated enough to lose my high.

Since the most obvious solution is also the least desirable one, I’m going to test out raising the amount I smoke before work. It really could be as simple as me needing to smoke more to maintain the correct level of chopped-ness to sustain a reasonable high at work.

At some point I’m also going to experiment with edibles and working my job. I actually think it would be successful–as long as I could guarantee that I wouldn’t get couch lock.


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