Wax Testing 

A couple weeks ago while I was high as shit doing a weed run, I bought a gram of wax. 

Here’s the problem…I don’t have a dab rig.

So we did what every intrepid, broke stoner would do and tried to figure out how to use the wax without a rig. 

The two options were to either make a twax joint or add some of it to a bowl. Since we had wax, not shatter we added it to a bowl. 

We put a layer of bud down, a bit of wax in the middle, followed by a last layer of bud. 

When we got to the wax layer, the flavor was far stronger, I could taste whatever the strain was a lot more than if it were flower. 

Not too long after smoking I realized that I felt like I had a regular high but I was aware that I was actually much higher. But not too long after that the high went back to a regular one for me. 

Retrograde felt like the high was stronger because she fell asleep faster but I would argue it was because we were watching a boring movie and she was on her period. 

I feel like we wasted the wax we used, I’ll only use the rest when I have access to a dab rig.


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