Weed Conservation, the finale

About a month ago, I asked if it was possible to conserve weed.


I failed to mention it in the original post, but the duration of the experiment was meant to be around a month; from January 11th to February 10th.

By the end of this period, I had about 1/2 a gram of bud left. I was able to keep my weed for as long as I needed to.

So was the experiment successful? By the end of the trial period I had weed, even though I hadn’t picked up for 5 weeks…which was the entire point of the experiment. But in order to stretch my weed that far I had to actually conserve…which means my actual consumption of weed went down significantly. My stretching method was “out of sight, out of mind”, I split my stash into a few different containers and put them in different places.

Making a conscious effort to not smoke (as opposed to not smoking because I had no time/didn’t feel like it) took quite a bit of fun out of the few times I did smoke because I kept thinking about how much I had left even more so than if I were just running out under regular circumstances.

Plus, weed has a shelf life. The longer I went barely chipping away at my stash, the dryer it got-which is entirely my own fault. There are a number of ways to keep your weed fresh for prolonged periods of time, I just didn’t do any of them. That’s something else to keep in mind, if you’re unable to keep your weed fresh while you’re stretching it, the quality is going to decline, which defeats the entire purpose of keeping it longer.

So back to the previous questions…

  1. is it possible to conserve weed?
    I would say no, you can’t. It’s impossible because all you’re doing is not smoking. You can’t smoke the same amount as you usually do (which is particularly bad if you’re a medical patient)
  2. was this experiment successful?
    Successful in stretching my weed for as long as I decided I needed it to be? Technically. But it was a really wack time, so it wasn’t worth it.

Conclusion: You can’t conserve a finite resource, you either use it up or leave it alone. 





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