Something Out Of Nothing

This week’s post is kind of piggy backing the weed stretching series. 

These are some of the ways I make the most of what I’m smoking when I don’t have much on hand. 

While I don’t believe in conserving weed, I do believe you can do a lot with a small amount if you know how.

1. Use glass 

As much as I prefer smoking joints I will admit it’s better to smoke glass at times when you have less weed. Smoking out of glass will get you very high quickly on a small amount, especially if you’re using a bong. Plus joints and blunts are better when they’re bigger. 

2. Save roaches 

I’m not a big fan of saving roaches, I’d rather just smoke the entirety of my joint at once. When I don’t, I save them to put in with a bowl when I want to stretch what I have. Roaches can also be put in a blunt or joint that’s lacking. 

3. Hotboxing

This is by far my favorite method. Sit in an enclosed space (a car, closet etc.) and smoke. Since there’s nowhere for the smoke to escape and fresh air isn’t flowing the smoke will just stay in the air. I don’t get to hotbox often, but when I do it’s always a blessed experience. Hotboxing is best with joints, when you have a lot of weed and time to chill and enjoy it.  

These are the ways I make the most out of  the times I don’t have much weed to smoke. What ways do you? 


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