A Place In The Sun

I was playing A Place In The Sun while I was blazing this afternoon, and it kind of hit me how great a project it is.


A Place In The Sun by alt rock band Lit is a dope ass pop punk album. It has the perfect songs to describe failed relationships.

It came out in 1999 and while the sound is nostalgic, the lyrics are as relevant to me as though the album came out in 2017.


My favourite tracks are Miserable, Perfect One, No Big Thing, Four, and My Own Worst Enemy.

Miserable, Perfect One, and No Big Thing were definitely the most relatable and had the most outstanding lyrics.

Miserable is the song that got me listening to Lit in the first place. The hook caught me off guard when I first heard it.

You make me come, you make me complete, you make me completely miserable

It’s a really good album to listen to while high, or when you’re getting over the end of a relationship.


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