Balling Up at the Haunted Telly

The original concept of The Crossfade was a podcast, so here we are.

the crossfade halloween special 2.jpg

The first episode is a Halloween special!

Indica Princess & The Town get high, talk about The Shining and try to figure out why their fries and nuggets were taking so long to arrive.

I’m really excited about this, podcasting is really fun and definitely suits the direction and focus of The Crossfade. Most importantly, this means that The Town and Joint Rolling Jawn, the two other collaborators on this blog can participate freely while remaining anonymous so their lives outside of this project won’t be affected negatively.

I will still make occasional videos and will promote The Crossfade in them, but they won’t be the focus of our project.

More soon 🙂



Issa Visual

We make videos now!

The Crossfade will be both a written and video blog.

In this episode, I make a pinhole camera & get upset that I didn’t see the solar eclipse (I actually did).

More posts soon 🙂

A Place In The Sun

I was playing A Place In The Sun while I was blazing this afternoon, and it kind of hit me how great a project it is.


A Place In The Sun by alt rock band Lit is a dope ass pop punk album. It has the perfect songs to describe failed relationships.

It came out in 1999 and while the sound is nostalgic, the lyrics are as relevant to me as though the album came out in 2017.


My favourite tracks are Miserable, Perfect One, No Big Thing, Four, and My Own Worst Enemy.

Miserable, Perfect One, and No Big Thing were definitely the most relatable and had the most outstanding lyrics.

Miserable is the song that got me listening to Lit in the first place. The hook caught me off guard when I first heard it.

You make me come, you make me complete, you make me completely miserable

It’s a really good album to listen to while high, or when you’re getting over the end of a relationship.

Something Out Of Nothing

This week’s post is kind of piggy backing the weed stretching series. 

These are some of the ways I make the most of what I’m smoking when I don’t have much on hand. 

While I don’t believe in conserving weed, I do believe you can do a lot with a small amount if you know how.

1. Use glass 

As much as I prefer smoking joints I will admit it’s better to smoke glass at times when you have less weed. Smoking out of glass will get you very high quickly on a small amount, especially if you’re using a bong. Plus joints and blunts are better when they’re bigger. 

2. Save roaches 

I’m not a big fan of saving roaches, I’d rather just smoke the entirety of my joint at once. When I don’t, I save them to put in with a bowl when I want to stretch what I have. Roaches can also be put in a blunt or joint that’s lacking. 

3. Hotboxing

This is by far my favorite method. Sit in an enclosed space (a car, closet etc.) and smoke. Since there’s nowhere for the smoke to escape and fresh air isn’t flowing the smoke will just stay in the air. I don’t get to hotbox often, but when I do it’s always a blessed experience. Hotboxing is best with joints, when you have a lot of weed and time to chill and enjoy it.  

These are the ways I make the most out of  the times I don’t have much weed to smoke. What ways do you? 

Weed Conservation, the finale

About a month ago, I asked if it was possible to conserve weed.


I failed to mention it in the original post, but the duration of the experiment was meant to be around a month; from January 11th to February 10th.

By the end of this period, I had about 1/2 a gram of bud left. I was able to keep my weed for as long as I needed to.

So was the experiment successful? By the end of the trial period I had weed, even though I hadn’t picked up for 5 weeks…which was the entire point of the experiment. But in order to stretch my weed that far I had to actually conserve…which means my actual consumption of weed went down significantly. My stretching method was “out of sight, out of mind”, I split my stash into a few different containers and put them in different places.

Making a conscious effort to not smoke (as opposed to not smoking because I had no time/didn’t feel like it) took quite a bit of fun out of the few times I did smoke because I kept thinking about how much I had left even more so than if I were just running out under regular circumstances.

Plus, weed has a shelf life. The longer I went barely chipping away at my stash, the dryer it got-which is entirely my own fault. There are a number of ways to keep your weed fresh for prolonged periods of time, I just didn’t do any of them. That’s something else to keep in mind, if you’re unable to keep your weed fresh while you’re stretching it, the quality is going to decline, which defeats the entire purpose of keeping it longer.

So back to the previous questions…

  1. is it possible to conserve weed?
    I would say no, you can’t. It’s impossible because all you’re doing is not smoking. You can’t smoke the same amount as you usually do (which is particularly bad if you’re a medical patient)
  2. was this experiment successful?
    Successful in stretching my weed for as long as I decided I needed it to be? Technically. But it was a really wack time, so it wasn’t worth it.

Conclusion: You can’t conserve a finite resource, you either use it up or leave it alone. 




Wax Testing 

A couple weeks ago while I was high as shit doing a weed run, I bought a gram of wax. 

Here’s the problem…I don’t have a dab rig.

So we did what every intrepid, broke stoner would do and tried to figure out how to use the wax without a rig. 

The two options were to either make a twax joint or add some of it to a bowl. Since we had wax, not shatter we added it to a bowl. 

We put a layer of bud down, a bit of wax in the middle, followed by a last layer of bud. 

When we got to the wax layer, the flavor was far stronger, I could taste whatever the strain was a lot more than if it were flower. 

Not too long after smoking I realized that I felt like I had a regular high but I was aware that I was actually much higher. But not too long after that the high went back to a regular one for me. 

Retrograde felt like the high was stronger because she fell asleep faster but I would argue it was because we were watching a boring movie and she was on her period. 

I feel like we wasted the wax we used, I’ll only use the rest when I have access to a dab rig.


I’m having a hard time coming up with what cheeses me more than having my high cut short, which I’m sure is partially-but not entirely-because as I’m writing this, I just had a very nice high killed.

I feel ripped off when my high ends early…like I wasted weed and smoked for nothing.

There are certain situations where I don’t even bother to smoke because I know my high will be spoiled. For example, I would smoke at my current job every shift if it weren’t for the fact that even if I smoke right before I start no more than 15 minutes into my shift I’ve sobered up.

A marijuana high is on average supposed to last 1-4 hours. The actual length of an individual’s high of course, usually depends on the following variables:

  • Method of intake
  • Smoker’s tolerance
  • Quality of the weed
  • Amount smoked

I’m pretty consistent with my smoking habits, I smoke on average 5 days a week (unless I don’t have any weed, which these days I usually do), haven’t smoked mids or anything less than loud since 2012, and until very recently, 1 joint was enough to get me ripped.

In spite of all this, no matter how baked I am clocking into work I sober up rapidly.

So what’s the other variable that prevents me from staying high at work? What actually causes a high to dissipate before it’s normally supposed to? What triggers the buzzkill? Do our cannabinoid receptors just close themselves when our vibe is killed?

Some other factors that could contribute to sobering up prematurely are:

  • Environment
  • Mood before smoking
  • Seeing or receiving shocking news/events (positive or negative)

Regardless of whether I’m high or not my mood sours abruptly as soon as I clock in.

I’m still trying to find reliable (scientific) information as to why this happens but I noticed a very clear connection between my mood and my high suffering a premature death: rage.

Maybe rage is a strong word. I’ll try again.


So the current solution is for me not to smoke at work where I know I’ll be frustrated enough to lose my high.

Since the most obvious solution is also the least desirable one, I’m going to test out raising the amount I smoke before work. It really could be as simple as me needing to smoke more to maintain the correct level of chopped-ness to sustain a reasonable high at work.

At some point I’m also going to experiment with edibles and working my job. I actually think it would be successful–as long as I could guarantee that I wouldn’t get couch lock.

Is Possible to Conserve weed? Pt. 1 


con·ser·va·tion /ˌkänsərˈvāSH(ə)n/ (noun)

The act of preserving something; to protect and prevent the waste, loss and destruction of a species, location or natural resource.


In this case, the resource is weed.

To me, conserving weed is much like saving money-easier in theory than practice.

Aside from just hoping my weed would last as long as I needed it to, I’ve never actually actively tried to stretch my weed…

I just don’t think there’s any real way to conserve something as finite as the amount of weed you have available to you at a certain point in time.

But that’s what this experiment is about: starting from the 11th, I’ll be vetting the most common weed saving techniques.

Will I bust a myth? Or will I end up personally verifying a theory?


Nik Lives

Turning up is such an integral part of my existence–not just because I’m a young adult in the age range where it’s acceptable for me to only want to turn up all the time.

There’s also a real culture in and around drinking and smoking. A culture that I’ve found myself completely immersed in.

I’ve always been fascinated by smoking. For as long as I could remember I wanted to try pot. I would go though phases where I would be against it, and then would cycle right back to wishing I could try being a pothead for the day.

It took me a long time to get to my current relationship with alcohol, I used to HATE drinking; I couldn’t handle the taste. Now, I can take shots of Jäger, Kraken, Captain Morgan etc. without chase. I love beer, radlers, ciders.

As for marijuana…it was the complete opposite with her. It was instant compatibility, love at first toke.

Weed has changed my life in so many positive ways. I’m happier, less anxious and infinitely more productive when I’m high.

Before I realized it, I stopped wishing to be a pothead and just became one, the transition from being an occasional smoker without a plug to becoming a full blown, half baked stoner was great ride with some fascinating stories.

And that’s what The Crossfade is, a tribute to the happiness that turning up has brought me. A love letter to maryjane.